Powder Coated Dome for gas lamp
Powder Coated Dome for gas lamp

Dome – Coated

D3P; D9P

Pair a powder coated dome with either the gas or electric Boulevard, Victorian, or Apollo lamp for a classic combination.

Model D3P for Boulevard (Model 3600)
5″W (top) x 14 1/2″W (bottom) x 7 1/2″H
MSRP: $150.00 when purchased separately

Model D9P for Victorian (Model 4200) and Apollo (Model 4300)
5″W (top) x 12″W (bottom) x 6 5/8″H
MSRP: $150.00 when purchased separately

  • Two sizes available to fit the Boulevard, Victorian or Apollo
  • Spun aluminum, available in all finishes
  • Call to order: 724-274-7131


arc bronze

Architectural Bronze



Bronze Age

Bronze Age

Charcoal finish


Noble Bronze

Noble Bronze

Nouveu Silver

Nouveau Silver

Penny Vein

Penny Vein


Timeless Black

weather green

Weather Green

White finish