Powder Coated Dome for gas lamp
Powder Coated Dome for gas lamp

Dome – Coated

D3P; D9P

Pair a powder coated dome with either the gas or electric Boulevard, Victorian, or Apollo lamp for a classic combination.

Model D3P for Boulevard (Model 3600)
5″W (top) x 14 1/2″W (bottom) x 7 1/2″H
MSRP: $160.00 when purchased separately

Model D9P for Victorian (Model 4200) and Apollo (Model 4300)
5″W (top) x 12″W (bottom) x 6 5/8″H
MSRP: $160.00 when purchased separately

  • Two sizes available to fit the Boulevard, Victorian or Apollo
  • Spun aluminum, available in all finishes
  • Call to order: 724-274-7131


Charcoal finish


Nouveu Silver

Nouveau Silver


Timeless Black

weather green

Weather Green

White finish