Carrying forward the Long Tradition of Gas-Lite Manufacturing

What We Do

American Gas Lamp Works manufactures and sells the world’s finest natural gas and liquid propane lighting fixtures and accessories, as well as matching electric incandescent and LED fixtures. Whereas nearly all other gas lanterns are made from bent and soldered sheet metal, American Gas Lamp Works lamps are handcrafted from components that are formed by pouring liquid metal into sand-mold patterns. This foundry-casting technique results in sturdy yet beautiful fixtures that will deliver warmth and beauty to your home or outdoor living area for many years.

Our History

Our company is a family-owned, craft-scale business located just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh has been a center of American metalworking for centuries, and lamp manufacturing has always been a part of this tradition. Dawn and David Jardini formed American Gas Lamp Works in 2012 to buy and revitalize a generations-old predecessor company, Gas-Lite Manufacturing, that had fallen on hard times. Since their undertaking began, AGLW has introduced many new products, designs and options featuring a wide range of colors and finishes. Equally important, we have retained the tried-and-true handcraft techniques that have made our products so durable and exceptional for so long. We welcome you to explore our products, talk with our team members, and bring to your home the exceptional warmth and handcraft quality of American Gas Lamps!


While our lighting fixtures are available in standard configurations, we love for our customers to customize their lamps and accessories to match their exact design needs. Using our online “Lamp Builder” application or working directly with our sales professionals and dealers, you can configure American Gas Lamp Works products right down to the finials! All of our lamps are available in traditional flickering gas flame, gas mantle for better illumination, incandescent electric, and GasGlow® LED designs. We look forward to building your lamps to-order so that you can create the optimal blend of ambiance, performance and efficiency you desire. 

Lamp Builder

Our Products

As they always have been, our products are designed, manufactured, and shipped from our historic Springdale, Pennsylvania operations and are available online and through a nationwide network of retail and online dealers.

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American Gas Lamp Works lamps and accessories are built to commercial-grade standards and are designed to last for generations. Our lamps are handcrafted from the finest foundry-cast aluminum, heavy-gauge copper, and commercial-grade components.