Are gas lamps safe?

Yes! American Gas Lamp Works gas and electric lamps employ well-proven designs and technologies. Gas lighting actually predates electric lighting by several decades, and the Welsbach mantle lighting system has been used the world over for more than a century. You should keep in mind that gas lamps do get hot and should not be placed where they can be touched by children or animals.

What types of gas do your lamps use?

Our open flickering flame gas lamps can be equipped for use with natural gas (NG) ONLY. Our Welsbach mantle gas lamps can be equipped for use with natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP). Our electric lamps require 120V electricity.

How much gas do AGLW fixtures burn when operating?

The amount of gas your lamps will use depends on the type of gas and burner you’re using. Please refer to our BTUs and Gas Facts page for gas usage along various configurations.

What are my installation options?

buy outdoor coach lights

  • Post: 11" W x 19" H
  • Wall: 11" W x 22.5" H x 17" D
  • Pier: 11" W x 21.5" H
Please note that both the wall and pier installation options include additional fees. For installation instructions, please click here.

What are my illumination options?

  • Electric Socket: We offer an electric line of incandescent fixtures for LED and traditional light bulbs.
  • Open Flame Natural Gas: Get the original gas lamp look with Open Flame Burners that come in a charming variety of shaped flames.
For additional illumination options, please visit our design center to customize your own.

What are my finish options?

  • Black
  • Bronze
For additional finish options, please visit our design center to customize your own.

The Boulevard Lamp

Standing at an impressive 42 inches tall, the Boulevard recalls the grandeur of Victorian era street lighting, but with the strength and simplicity of American character.



Patented in 1899, the design transitioned from square-sided to round globe lamps. The Boulevard Lamp from American Gas Lamp Works is quintessentially American. 

Add an elegant touch of timeless sophistication to your outdoor space when using our Boulevard-style lantern on a post, pier, or wall. This highly durable and weatherproof street lamp has been crafted for maximum style. An impressive 42 inches tall, our Boulevard gas or electric lamp recalls the grandeur of the Victorian era. The Boulevard features modern globes with three glass options (clear, milk glass, polycarbonate) complemented by two iconic finish styles – Timeless Black and Noble Bronze. 

The Boulevard lamp is the quintessential American antique gas street lamp.

Interested in adding upgrades like an igniter with timer options or photocell compatibility? Customize your own American Gas Lamp Works Boulevard lantern.


  • Sand cast aluminum
  • Certified valve
  • Clear glass globe
  • Black or bronze finish
  • Gas or electric Illumination
  • Aluminum Ventilator
  • Milk Glass Dome
  • Brass Side Arms

Product total
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Grand total

We Can Make This Lamp Electric, Too. 

All of our lamps can be built with low maintenance, energy-efficient LEDs. This beautiful street lamp can be illuminated by two LED light bulbs configured with an Electric Dual Inverted Candelabra Base. Photocell upgrade options are even available if you want to customize this lamp to meet your needs.

Save Money on Reduced Energy. 

These LED light fixtures each produce 450 lumens of Warm White light. That usually requires the equivalent of a 40W light bulb, but these LED lights each only consume 4.5W of power, saving you money and time on maintenance costs every day you have this street lighting fixture installed.

Solid Quality that is Built to Last. 

Our fixtures have been handmade in Pittsburgh, PA for over 60 years. They are built to last with high quality American metal and a great mix of decorative and functional features. All cast metal frames come with a lifetime warranty.

Easy to Install. 

Each fixture comes with hardware recommendations based on the material you are mounting it on. We also provide fully illustrated instructions that should make it easy to install by your local plumber or certified gas specialist.

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