Outdoor Gas Lights

Outdoor Lighting by American Gas Lamp Works

Outdoor gas lighting brings distinction and beauty to the exterior of your home. It’s what makes American Gas Lamp Works “love at first light.” Our outdoor gas and electric lights ignite that love affair between the neighborhood and your façade. Whether it’s framing your entry with our signature Craftsman Series collection, enhancing the stone pillars with natural gas outdoor lighting, or setting the scene by the pool with our outdoor gas torch lighting fixtures, we’ve got the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor project.

American Gas Lamp Works gas lantern lighting fixtures are handcrafted from the finest American metal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. By utilizing years of experience, we keep our lead times to an average of three weeks. This ensures minimal wait time for customers who are on a deadline but is an honest reflection of the time and love we build into each gas light.

Why Gas Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

Outdoor gas lights provide warmth and ambiance to the home, creating a luxurious environment while simultaneously providing the safety and security of gas lighting. When the power goes out, that gas stays on! With over a century’s worth of experience, the handcrafted heart of our business remains the romantic and reliable American Gas Lamp Works gas light.

Gas Lamp Help

If you would like to find out how our gas lights can transform your home or business with luxury lighting handcrafted for you, view our online gallery, or instructions on gas fixtures.