Dual Mailbox, Aluminum Base, Fluted Aluminum Post, Burial
Dual Mailbox, Aluminum Base, Fluted Aluminum Post, Burialdouble mailbox on outside light pole

Dual Box, Fluted Post

MBDF Mailbox

Our Traditional Mailbox Series can be used in combination with any of our post mount gas or electric lamps or capped off to be used independently.

MBDFP can be combined with lamp*
MBDFC is capped at top
*Lamp sold separately

Our Dual Mailbox MBDF combination includes:

  • Fluted aluminum post (3″ outside diameter)
  • Cast aluminum pedestal base
  • Burial installation
  • Two mailboxes & two newspaper holders
  • Available in all finishes
  • Priced from $815.00, customize for final price


Charcoal finish


Noble Bronze

Noble Bronze

Nouveu Silver

Nouveau Silver


Timeless Black

weather green

Weather Green

White finish