milk glass globe for gas lamp
milk glass globe for gas lamp

Globe – Milk Glass

G8M; G4M

Milk glass globes are available for the Boulevard, Victorian, and Apollo gas and electric lamps.

Model G8M for Boulevard Lamp (Model 3600)
12 1/8″W (top) x 7 3/8″W (bottom) x 16″H
MSRP: $260.00 when purchased separately

Model G4M for Victorian (Model 4200) &
Apollo (Model 4300) Lamps
10 3/4″W (top) x 7 3/8″W (bottom) x 14 1/16″H
MSRP: $215.00 when purchased separately

  • Two sizes available to fit the Boulevard, Victorian, and Apollo
  • Milk glass
  • Call to order: 724-274-7131

*All of our glass globes are hand blown. Minor variations and imperfections, including bubbles or blemishes, are to be expected. No two globes are exactly alike, and bubbles are common. They do not affect the structural integrity or functionality of the globe.

*We cannot guarantee compatibility of our parts in lamps that were not manufactured by AGLW.