Gas Mantle Maintenance

When to replace mantles, how to install them, and who to contact for help

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The soft glow of a gas mantle lamp can add a nostalgic touch of warmth and comfort to any outdoor setting. However, one of the most frequent questions we hear from gas lamp owners is, “How often should I change the mantles in my lamp?” First, you should immediately replace any damaged mantle as soon as you notice that one or more have been compromised by some sort of impact to the lamp, strong storms, or other disturbance. Authentic American Gas Lamp Works preformed mantles are the world’s most durable and reliable mantles, manufactured to exacting standards with state-of-the-art technology. Still, accidents do happen – lamps get bumped, storms produce sudden gusts – and damaged mantles are far less energy-efficient and cast much less light than intact mantles. Always change damaged mantles as soon as you can. Beyond replacing damaged mantles, American Gas Lamp Works recommends that you replace your mantles at least once per year. Changing your mantles annually will ensure that your lamp remains bright and fuel-efficient. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to perform other minor maintenance, such as clearing out the accumulated debris from the lamp and cleaning the glass panes. The easiest way to remember your annual lamp maintenance is to align it with an annually-occurring event, like the change to or from Daylight Saving Time. HM-2Finally, remember always to use high-quality preformed mantles in your gas lamps. “Soft” mantles similar to those used in camping lanterns are sometimes used in gas mantle lamps because they’re slightly less expensive than preformed mantles; however, soft mantles are fragile and inefficient compared to authentic preformed mantles. Worse, some soft mantles contain thorium, a radioactive ingredient that is used in cheaply-made soft mantles. American Gas Lamp Works guarantees that our mantles are 100% thorium-free. In conclusion, we recommend that you replace your mantles at least once per year while performing annual maintenance on your gas lamp, in addition to immediately replacing any mantles that become damaged from unexpected physical impacts or disturbances. Mantles can be ordered by calling 724-274-7131, and mantle installation instructions can be found here. You may also contact a gas lighting and products specialist or local plumber for assistance with installation of your replacement gas mantles.

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