Answering FAQs about GasGlow® LED Technology

Did you know that you can still get the look of a gas mantle burner without using Natural Gas?

For those who don’t have access to natural gas in their area, or who simply prefer an electric source, American Gas Lamp Works has created an electric alternative to the traditional gas mantle burner: GasGlow® LED technology. GasGlow® LED is an exclusive illumination technology that precisely mimics the look and feel of gas mantle lighting. Not to be confused with an open flame, GasGlow® LED does not flicker or resemble a flame; using many of the same components that make up our gas mantle burners, GasGlow® LED provides a solid, bright, white light when powered by standard 120V electricity. Each GasGlow® LED assembly includes a driver that stores neatly in the collar of the lamp and reduces your standard electric to low-voltage for highly efficient operation. GasGlow® LED is available in dual, triple, and quad configurations and can produce between 800 – 1700 lumens, depending on the configuration selected. These unique assemblies do not use lightbulbs, but rather, have LEDs installed directly into them for essentially maintenance-free operation. If activated 24 hours per day, the approximate cost to run the GasGlow® LED is only $5 to $10 per year. That’s less than $0.90 per month! For more information regarding our GasGlow® LED, please enjoy this short video. Or, contact us directly at 724-274-7131 or

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