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The EvenTUBE


The sleekest tube heater on the market today. At less than 7” deep, we deliver a modern, sleek heating solution to any outdoor space.

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Pricing for the EvenTUBE starting from $2,990 based on:

  • Heater Size
  • Material and Finish Type

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    Full Patio Tube Heater Details

    • Superior craftsmanship, efficiency with a modern, sleek design
    • Dual outputs from 30,000 BTU/hr to 100,000 BTU/hr
    • Effective for ceiling or wall heights 9’ to 16’
    • Both indoor and outdoor applications available
    • Available in 316 marine grade stainless providing the best quality in the industry
    • More intense and even heat footprints ranging from 192ft² to 672ft²
    • Outdoor natural gas and propane models available in 9′, 12′ and 17′
    • Indoor/outdoor natural gas and propane models available in 12′, 17′ and 22′