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The EvenGLO

Item #s E201; E301

Available as portable or permanently fixed infrared patio heaters for use with portable or fixed liquid propane or natural gas, the EvenGLO line of infrared patio heaters is a true commercial grade, infrared heating solution you can always depend on for reliability and longevity, operating without the use of electricity.


Experience the warmth and elegance of our propane-fueled infrared patio heater, meticulously designed to elevate your outdoor space. The EvenGLO seamlessly blends functionality with sophistication, ensuring your evenings are cozy and inviting. Crafted with precision, it is available in various finishes, including 316 marine-grade stainless steel, bronze, and black, each radiating a distinct charm. 

The EvenGLO infrared patio heater is equipped with a shut-off tilt switch that ensures peace of mind as you unwind under its gentle glow. The ease of use is accentuated by an innovative latch bolt system, allowing for effortless tank switch-outs, and a comfort control dial that directs an impressive output of up to 46,000 BTUs. To enhance mobility, the EvenGLO includes a durable wheel kit constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel with double stainless ball bearings and polyurethane wheels. With the EvenGLO, transform your patio into a haven of warmth and luxury.

Want An Infrared Patio Heater With FREE Shipping?

Pricing for the EvenGLO infrared patio heater starting from $2,990 based on:

  • Fixed or Portable Model
  • Material and Finish Type
  • Size of Fuel Tank

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    Full Infrared Patio Heater Details

    • Superior craftsmanship; efficient but discreet
    • Largest reflector in the industry
    • Outputs from 46,000 BTU/hr to 53,000 BTU/hr
    • Features a 316 marine stainless steel emitter with a 3-year warranty
    • Provides comfort to spaces within 20-24 ft in diameter
    • Several models can be custom finished with 304 stainless steel, bronze and black finishes, readily in-stock for immediate purchase
    • Also available as a hanging mushroom gas patio heater option to maximize patio floor space.