Top 5 Reasons to Consider our Electric Lamps for your Home

American Gas Lamp Works wants you to know that we've got you covered with a full range of electric lamp options. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider electric lamps for your outdoor space.

5 Reasons to Consider our Electric Lamps | American Gas Lamp

Let’s be honest. Fluctuating gas prices have us all on edge. American Gas Lamp Works wants you to know that we’ve got you covered with our full range of electric lamp options. All of our lamps can be made for electric use. We even offer gas-to-electric conversion kits to help you convert your current gas lamp or lamp post over to electric.

Our electric lamps create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere and are just as beautiful as our gas-powered options. And, like our gas lamps, our electric lamps are made in America, using the same craftsmanship and long-lasting metal construction.

So why should you consider an electric lamp by American Gas Lamp Works for your outdoor space?

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1. Our Electric Lamps are Energy-Efficient and Less Expensive

While it doesn’t flicker like an open flame, our patented GasGlow® LED mimics the look, color, and intensity of natural gas mantle lighting. It provides a romantic ambiance but with energy-efficient electric LED technology. Our GasGlow® LED even uses less than a third of the energy of traditional electric incandescent lighting. This means you not only make the eco-conscious decision to use less electricity, but you also save money by not relying on gas. See for yourself the glow of our GasGlow LED®.

2. A Style to Fit your Space

We offer our lamps in a range of styles and finishes, from classic to transitional and even modern, and all of our styles are available in electric. Whether your outdoor space is designed to feel like an English garden or a modern, pool-side retreat, we have the electric lamps to fit your style and elevate your home.

3. Ease of Use

With an electric lantern, you no longer have to consider the cost of installing a gas line. Most outdoor spaces already have electricity running to them, or running nearby. It’s relatively easy for an electrician to tap into an existing power source for your new lamps.

Do you know what else is easy? Not having to worry about turning your lamps on or off, or having a flame blowout. Our electric lamps have the option of running on a timer, remote control, or photocell. This helps you to save more money and not worry about wasting electricity if you forget to turn them off!

Electric lamps on covered patio

4. Easily Convert from Gas to Electric

If you already have a gas lamp from American Gas Lamp Works that you love, but are concerned about the fluctuating cost of gas, we have some great news for you. It is easy to convert a lamp from gas to electric with our range of gas to electric conversion kits. The conversion process is quick and easy. You can convert any gas lamp post to electric in just a few steps. Give us a call at 724-274-7131 to learn more about the process.

5. Short Lead Times

Whether you are looking to order a new, custom electric lantern, or interested in converting your existing gas lamps to electric, you won’t have to wait long to get it all done. Our average shipping time is currently just two to three weeks. This means in no time you will be enjoying a gorgeous, glowing ambiance throughout your outdoor spaces. Start planning your next get-together now so you can show off your outdoor oasis!

Our custom electric lighting is a fantastic way to upgrade all of your outdoor spaces. Electric lamps are easy to install, energy-efficient, and cost-effective, and with only a two to three-week lead-time, now is the perfect time to add the perfect outdoor lighting solutions to your home. Shop our lamps today!

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