Installing Gas Patio Heaters


Habanero outdoor patio heater in an outdoor dining setting

Are you disappointed when the weather gets cold and you can’t enjoy your outdoor spaces anymore? Do you wish you could comfortably be outside all year-round? If you and your family love your outdoor spaces, natural gas patio heaters are an investment that you’ll never regret. 

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What are Natural Gas Patio Heaters?

About Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters are heating systems that use natural gas to heat your outdoor space. They are great options for homeowners or commercial spaces with a well-ventilated deck, patio, or backyard space.

Types of Gas Patio Heaters

The EvenGLO portable or fixed gas patio heater from American Gas Lamp Works
The EvenGLO available at American Gas Lamp Works

There are a few different styles of gas patio heaters, each with different benefits depending on your space. These are: 

  • Portable, Free Standing Heaters
    • Portable, free-standing heaters can be used without electricity. You can move them to different areas of your outdoor space, or they can travel with you for parties or events. The EvenGLO from American Gas Lamp Works is available as a portable or permanently fixed heater, and can also come as a hanging mushroom option to maximize patio floor space.
  • Fixed, Wall-Mounted Heaters 
    • Wall mount heaters are ideal for smaller areas, those with low or busy ceilings, or areas where you don’t want to take up floor space. The Habanero from American Gas Lamp Works comes in three different styles, making it ideal for patio spot heating and allowing it to work in an area of any size.
  • Fixed, Overhead-Mounted Heaters
    • Hanging patio heaters work well in areas with higher ceilings, and they have more intense and even heat footprints. The EvenTUBE heater from American Gas Lamp Works is less than 7” deep and comes in four different lengths, offering a sleek heating solution for an outdoor space of any size.

Gas Patio Heater Benefits

The EvenTUBE hanging outdoor patio heater available at American Gas Lamp Works
The EvenTUBE heater from American Gas Lamp Works

In addition to the warmth they provide, gas patio heaters are a great option because of the number of benefits they offer. 

  • Easy to maintain — Gas patios heaters are easier to maintain in the long run than other types of outdoor heaters.
  • Affordable fuel option — Comparatively, natural gas is the least expensive fuel option.
  • Fuel never runs out — Because they connect directly to your existing gas line, natural gas patio heaters will offer continuous heat for as long as needed, without ever running out of fuel. 
  • Large range of sizes and options — Gas patio heaters come in many different sizes and options, offering a range of coverage for all types of spaces. 
  • Permanent — Once they’re installed, natural gas patio heaters are permanent and out of your way. 
  • Full range of heat — With the different sizes and options available, you are sure to find full heat coverage for whatever space you’re looking for. 

Installing Gas Patio Heaters

The EvenTUBE heater from American Gas Lamp Works
The EvenTUBE heater from American Gas Lamp Works

Who Installs Gas Patio Heaters? 

We recommend coordinating the installation of gas heaters with trained professionals like plumbers, gas specialists, and HVAC technicians. They can handle the gas lines and determine the best location for the heaters by finding out the recommended clearance to combustibles.

Existing Gas Line v. Installing a New Gas Line

Natural gas heaters require gas lines, so if you don’t have them, you’ll need to get them installed. If you already have existing gas lines, a professional can use them to install your gas heaters. 

Installing Different Styles of Gas Patio Heaters

The Habanero is a mounted outdoor patio heater from American Gas Lamp Works
The Habanero available at American Gas Lamp Works

Wall and ceiling-mounted styles of natural gas patio heaters require an electrical supply, along with the gas supply, to work. Most can plug into a standard wall outlet, but you may need to have the proper wiring installed by a licensed professional. Portable, free standing heaters only require the gas supply to work. 

The Cost of Installing a Gas Patio Heater

There are different factors that will contribute to your gas patio heater installation costs. This includes the style and model of the heater you purchase, whether or not you have existing gas lines, and the type of professional that you hire to install gas lines and your heater. 

When hiring a professional to install your gas heater, prices usually range anywhere between $400-$600 if you have an existing gas line to tap into. If you do not, the installation of gas lines will up your costs. Nationally, it can range anywhere from $120 to $1,350 to install a new gas line. 

Pricing* for gas patio heaters from American Gas Lamp Works varies by make and model:

  • The EvenGLO offers fixed natural gas & propane models starting at $1,800.00, portable natural gas & propane models starting at $2,700.00, and portable propane models (for use with 20 lb. tank) starting at $2,940.00.
  • The Habanero comes in 3′ natural gas models starting at $2,250.00 and 4′ natural gas models starting at $2,500.00.
  • The EvenTUBE has a wider range of options: 
    • 9′ outdoor natural gas and propane models starting at $2,500.00.
    • 17′ outdoor natural gas and propane models starting at $3,250.00.
    • 12′ indoor/outdoor natural gas and propane models starting at $2,650.00.
    • 22′ indoor/outdoor natural gas and propane models starting at $3,150.00.

*Prices effective 1/1/21. Subject to change. Please contact AGLW for current pricing.

Safety Considerations When Installing Gas Patio Heaters

Gas heaters require well-ventilated areas and should be kept away from children and pets. If you’re limited on space, have young kids or pets, or own a restaurant, hanging or flush mounted heaters will be your best option, as they’re installed out of the way. 

Other safety considerations include: 

  • Only place heaters on completely level surfaces that can hold their weight.
  • Do not place heaters in areas with a lot of wind, low-hanging tree branches, or plants. 
  • Never hang clothes or other materials on or near the heater. 
  • Make sure to check the clearances offered by the manufacturer.
  • If you have a standing heater, turn it off before moving it to another location.

Repair & Maintenance of Gas Patio Heaters

Low-level maintenance can be performed by the homeowner. Before performing any required maintenance, make sure your heaters are turned off and cooled. 

If dealing with a gas line issue, it is important to reach out directly to the manufacturer or your local plumber, gas specialist, or HVAC technician. 

If you’re unsure which heater is best for your business or home, contact us to get personalized assistance from American Gas Lamp Works today.

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