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The Habanero

Item #HAB

The ideal outdoor patio heater for spot heating with three different lengths designed to meet the needs of your space.


Introducing the Habanero, a state-of-the-art, wall-mounted patio heater, designed to deliver unparalleled warmth and efficiency. With a powerful output of 15,000 to 20,000 BTUs, the Habanero ensures your outdoor spaces remain comfortably heated. Its sleek design allows a minimal top clearance of as low as 3 inches, seamlessly integrating into any outdoor setting.

Crafted with a premium German-made infrared burner, the Habanero offers the most intense heat coverage, ensuring every corner of your patio is warm. Available in both 33” and 48” lengths, it’s designed to suit a variety of spaces. The pole-mounted options provide flexibility in installation, allowing you to optimize the heat distribution according to your specific needs.

Experience the tranquility of a noise-free environment, as the Habanero operates without a blower. This feature, combined with its self-diagnostic potted module, ensures a quiet yet reliable heating solution. With 124% more heat coverage than standard models, the Habanero is a superior choice for those seeking a powerful, efficient, and elegantly designed patio heater.

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Pricing for the Habanero starting from $2,728 based on:

  • Model Number (M20, M40, or M50)
  • Material and Finish Type
  • Heater Length

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    Full Details On These Wall And Ceiling Mounted Patio Heaters

    • Ideal for patio spot heating
    • No blower = No noise
    • Polished heat reflector
    • The HABANERO M20 is our smallest wall & ceiling mount gas patio heater, ideal for low ceilings, busy ceilings and smaller areas.
    • The HABANERO M40 is designed for standard mid-range ceiling heights, delivering a high intensity heat output.
    • The HABANERO M50 is pure high intensity, designed for high ceilings & maximum comfort.
    • Output of 50,000 BTU/hr
    • Hi/low/off dual heat output control
    • Available in 33″ and 48″ lengths
    • As low as 3″ top clearance
    • 3′ and 4′ natural gas models