GasGlow® LED

An electric alternative to gas mantle lighting

American Gas Lamp Works invented our patent-pending GasGlow® LED technology to precisely mimic the look, color and intensity of natural gas mantle lighting. Our GasGlow LED does NOT flicker like an open flame, but instead, provides a solid, white light, like a gas mantle. GasGlow® LED lighting delivers the romantic illumination of gas mantles using exceptionally energy-efficient LED technology.

Each GasGlow® mantle generates the equivalent light output of a 50-watt incandescent electric bulb, using less than 1/4 of the energy. Even better, our GasGlow® technology is built into American Gas Lamp Works’ standard gas mantle burner construction, and thus, preserves the historic, romantic look of Welsbach gas mantle lighting.

Advantages of GasGlow® LED Illumination Technology

  • Maintenance free operation
  • Delivers the historic, romantic look of Welsbach gas mantle lighting where electric lighting is preferable
  • Uses less than a quarter of the energy of electric incandescent lighting
  • Constructed using American Gas Lamp Works standard gas mantle components for an exact match with our gas mantle fixtures

 GasGlow® Specification Summary and Incandescent Electric Bulb Performance Comparison

For more information regarding the specifications for our GasGlow LED, download our GasGlow® LED Product Specification Summary Sheet here.