Candelabra Base

The beauty of American Gas Lamp Works with the convenience of electricity

Electric Candelabra Base Illumination delivers all the convenience and reliability of standard electric fixtures built into our uniquely sturdy and elegant designs.  Whether you want to complement Open Flame Gas or Gas Mantle lamps with matching electric fixtures, or if you just want the convenience of electric lighting, American Gas Lamp Works fixtures can work for you.  All of our lamps may be configured as electric Candelabra Base lamps employing two or three standard, small-socket (E12) light bulbs, or as a single bulb complemented by a glass chimney.  Our Triple Candelabra Base fixtures may also be configured as upright or inverted fixtures according to your design requirements.  Of course, all American Gas Lamp Works Candelabra Base fixtures can be matched with remote switches, timers or photocells to tailor their performance to your needs.



Advantages of Candelabra Base Illumination Technology

  • Low maintenance operation
  • Accepts any standard small-socket (E12) Edison electric bulb
  • Increasing availability of LED bulbs that fit E12 sockets
  • Easily configured with remote switches, timers and photocells
  • Can be used to complement the ambiance of American Gas Lamp Works Open Flame Gas or Gas Mantle Lamps