Energy Efficiency of GasGlow® LED

Comparing the economic benefits of LED illumination with traditional incandescent lights

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We’re sure you’ve heard that LED light fixtures are the greatest creation since sliced bread, but recognizing exactly how the efficiency of LEDs compares to traditional incandescent bulbs is beneficial as you consider your personal outdoor lighting design. This blog post is intended to help you understand the very substantial economic benefits of LED illumination compared with traditional incandescent lights. For a comparison of the design and function of GasGlow® LED versus incandescent candelabra base assemblies, please see our blog post titled, “GasGlow® LED vs. Incandescent Candelabra Base Assemblies.” Incandescent lighting is the traditional form of electric lighting that was made practical by Thomas Edison over 130 years ago. LED lighting systems, on the other hand, were first produced in the 1960s and have become widely adopted just over the past decade. The principal differences between an electric incandescent candelabra base and our GasGlow® LED are: Energy usage: An electric incandescent candelabra base employing two 40-watt bulbs generates approximately the same light output as a dual GasGlow® LED assembly. However, the light bulb fixture will consume approximately 80 watts of energy per hour, whereas the GasGlow® LED will use only approximately 9 watts. If your lamp is in operation for 12 hours/day, the electric incandescent fixture will use near 350 kilowatts of energy per year while the GasGlow® LED will use less than 40 kilowatts. At an energy cost of 10₵ per kilowatt-hour, the GasGlow® LED costs almost $30/year less than incandescent light bulbs – in just electric costs alone. Maintenance: Incandescent electric assemblies use screw-in light bulbs that burn out and require regular replacement. GasGlow® LED assemblies do not use light bulbs and require virtually no maintenance. Expected lifespan: While the typical lifespan for an electric light bulb is around 1,000 hours, LED fixtures can last for many years. Two independent testing laboratories estimated the lifespan for our GasGlow® LED assemblies to be well over 50,000 hours, or 15+ years if operated 12 hours/day. The following table provides a summary of the remarkable economic benefits offered by GasGlow® LED illumination compared with traditional incandescent electric bulbs: GasGlow LED v. Incandescent Cost Chart American Gas Lamp Works is proud to offer GasGlow® LED as an American-made solution to the green lighting challenges of the 21st century. In fact, GasGlow® LED fixtures use so little energy that we recommend customers leave them on 24 hours/day to best mimic the look of gas mantle lamps.

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