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Customization Adds Personal Touch to Outdoor Lighting

American Gas Lamp Works offers customizable options for handmade fixtures of incomparable quality

coachman peirmount with mantle

When you choose to purchase an American Gas Lamp Works lamp, gas torch, or post, you’re not simply receiving a boxed product from a stocked shelf; each individual item you select is uniquely handcrafted, assembled, and packaged according to your exclusive selections.

Customizable options are available for both your desired design and illumination for each fixture. Select from a variety of decorative finials, elegant glass panes, and attractive finishes to truly personalize your product. Choose from open flame gas, gas mantle, incandescent electric, or GasGlow® LED to illuminate your fixtures, or mix and match to meet your gas and electric supply availability.

Whether your design requires a specific style, color, quality, or character, American Gas Lamp Works has what you need. Visit our Design Studio for professional feedback, or utilize our “Customize and Price” feature through each fixture’s product page to view all available options for that specific model. We also invite you to browse our Accessories page, or visit our Photo Gallery for additional inspiration.

We are proud to provide you with customizable, quality products, handmade in America from start to finish. If you’re looking for unmatched, exceptional fixtures to add a sophisticated touch to your home, entryway, outdoor living or commercial space, contact American Gas Lamp Works today!

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