Everything You Need to Know About the Latest in Outdoor Lighting Trends

Updated on 5/20/24

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Are you utilizing your outdoor space to its maximum potential?

The right lighting choices can transform the exterior parts of your home into beautiful, functional areas that are as well designed as the interior. Outdoor lighting fixtures can provide anything from a very bright light to a softer light to add depth and ambiance to the outdoors.

With energy-efficient options readily available on the market, exterior lighting fixtures have become affordable design elements to make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Homeowners are moving beyond hanging string lights and considering patio and landscape lighting that elevates their outdoor spaces. 

Let’s get into some of the top outdoor lighting trends for 2024, and how these lighting fixtures can provide both style and functionality.

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The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

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Why should you invest in lighting the outside of your home? Outdoor lighting offers many benefits, including:

  • Security: Spot lighting, path lighting, and outdoor wall lighting serve a greater purpose than just looking good. A well-lit yard has fewer dark, shadowy hiding places for intruders. Incorporating timers and motion sensors into your lighting plan can also help to deter burglars.
  • Safety: Lighting your paths, steps, and railings reduces the risk of someone tripping in the dark or stepping off of garden paths or walkways. It’s a simple yet efficient way to prevent accidents.
  • Aesthetic: Lights will elevate the ambiance and show off the natural beauty of your home whether it’s day or night. The possibilities are endless with landscape lights – you can illuminate a tree or other landscape features, or show off architectural features of your house, or pay homage to history with old-fashioned gas lanterns.
  • Space Usability: Why move the party inside after the sun goes down? Your yard is a place to entertain, relax, admire, and explore. It can be equally functional at night with the right outdoor light fixtures.
  • Home Value: A well-designed outdoor space can bring significant value to the home by adding to extra security, safety measures, enhanced aesthetic, and increased space functionality. In doing so, there’s an estimated 8-10% increase to home values, and roughly an 80% return on investment.
  • Use Less Energy: Our range of automated gas lights and efficient LED lights will not only add to the aesthetics of your outdoor space, but also help to save money by using less energy.

With these benefits, it’s no surprise that more and more people are investing in lights outside their homes. The global outdoor lighting market is predicted to increase from $10.7 billion in 2019 to $23.8 billion by 2030.

Current Outdoor Lighting Trends: The Newest in Outdoor Lighting for Any Style

Habanero outdoor patio heater in an outdoor dining setting

Are you ready to update your home with the most popular 2024 outdoor lighting trends? Here are the creative ways homeowners are illuminating their outdoor spaces:

1. Modern Copper Fixtures

This simple, classic style is coming back into popularity for a contemporary look. Copper fixtures are an outdoor lighting trend that’s all about giving you trendy uptown loft and brewery vibes. Be on the lookout as these copper fixtures increasingly find their way into modern homes.

2. Path Lighting

Whether your landscape design plan includes a straight, formal line of lights along your driveway or a meandering path through your garden, there’s no question that path lights  remain one of the top outdoor lighting trends.

3. Spot Lighting

Do you have a gorgeous tree that deserves to bask in a spotlight at night? Or a water feature you like to enjoy after dark?

Spot lighting is an artistic outdoor lighting trend that lets you showcase features that naturally draw the eye during the day and come to life as a dominating focal point at night.

4. Outdoor Entertainment Lighting

Patio lighting trends focus on maximizing your usable, functional space for all hours, but new trends in outdoor lighting are taking designs to the next level with eye-catching light features such as fire bowls, gas torches, and other unique fire features.

Lighting your space with dancing flames gives the ambiance a warm, cozy vibe and leaves your guests raving about your beautiful home.

5. Gas Lanterns

Traditional lanterns have been a part of the lighting industry since the days of illuminating homes by candlelight. Despite the long history, gas lanterns are still a current lighting trend and will likely continue to be in the future.

Whether the lanterns are wall-mounted, hanging lights, or post lights, lanterns cast a dreamy warm glow around your home. They’re a great feature year-round, but they’re especially impactful on a snowy winter’s night.

6. Outdoor Wall Lighting

Wall-mounted lights are an attractive way to brighten the space around your home, retaining walls, stone columns, and other vertical surfaces. These outdoor wall lights work well to illuminate the house and nearby paths and landscape beds.

7. Waterproof Lighting

These types of lights are usually floor lamps that make a great addition to large outdoor spaces such as decks, patios, and gardens. A unique set of waterproof lamps can be a functional piece of art.

Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting Trends to Fit Your Home Aesthetic

Which new trends in outdoor lighting are you most excited to try?

Choosing the right lighting fixtures can seem overwhelming, but the good news is you don’t have to settle on just one option. There are so many ways to incorporate exterior lights into your landscape design that your possibilities are limitless! 

Are you ready to transform your outdoor spaces with an outdoor lighting project? Contact us and let’s get started!

Patrick Jardini, President - American Gas Lamp Works

Author: Patrick Jardini, President​​

Patrick Jardini is the President of American Gas Lamp Works, a manufacturer and distributor of gas and electric lighting, outdoor heaters, and custom fire bowls. Since purchasing the business, Mr. Jardini has focused on expanding both products and brand awareness through direct sales and strategic partnerships with gas utility providers. Patrick is a Pittsburgh native, Air Force veteran, and MBA graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, and has a professional background in metals production, sales, and marketing.

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