How to Choose the Right Fire Feature for Your Outdoor Space

Fire Feature

Outdoor space is as important as ever. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you are most likely considering how to extend the use of your outdoor space especially when the weather cools. Cozy outdoor fire pits allow you (and your guests) to embrace the fun of outdoor living. Just imagine coming home after a long day of work and relaxing by a modern-looking fire, or giving your customers a custom centerpiece to gather and socialize at the flip of a switch. American Gas Lamp offers a range of fire pits to complement your style and need, which can all be customized with various colors, stone, and remote control options. 

From bold rustic designs through modern fire and water bowls; American Gas Lamp has plenty of natural gas and propane-fueled fire feature options for all spaces and styles. 

Fire bowls by a pool

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Outdoor Fire Feature Style Options

Fire Bowl

Get warm and toasty on a chilly evening gathered around a classic fire pit. Kids will love the camp-like feeling of being out under the stars, while parents will appreciate the extra family time. Fire pits offer a modern take on a traditional campfire.

Fire Table

Firepit tables are smaller fires with a thicker outer rim to set drinks or small plates on. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. If you’re bringing more to the space than cold toes, a fire table could be the right choice giving you the subtle light and warmth with some added functionality on a starry night.


fire and water feature

Fire and Water Bowl

Like fountains, but need flare? We’ve got you covered. Our Fire and water bowls for pools and outdoor spaces are available in either natural gas or propane, and all of the burners are made from high-quality stainless steel and are made to withstand the weather. Fire and water bowls resemble fountains and look great placed around a backyard pool in a myriad of colors. You’ll feel like you’re at a faraway resort while relaxing at home.

Table Insert

Most commonly, table inserts are gas fire manifolds that can be placed in and mounted into a masonry setting like brick or stone. They are made of thick gauge stainless steel and come in standard and custom sizes. This gives you the freedom to create a stone outer casing for a rustic look, and enough space to also place your drink or snacks on the tableside.

Tiki Torches

Get ready for an evening soiree in your backyard with these oil-free tiki torches. There are several styles that can light up a rooftop patio, restaurant, or lounge adding a flare of drama to an outdoor space. The warm light of an open flame is an exciting decorative touch. The Maui and Tulip torches are both distinctively different for your backyard pool, patio, deck, or garden. Tiki torches aren’t just for tropical islands anymore.

Friends around a fire pit by American Gas Lamp

Compliment your Style

Do you prefer traditional aesthetics or ambient lighting? Larger flames which are brighter are great for roasting s’mores. Smaller flames emit less light and are perfect for a relaxing, romantic evening on the porch with a glass of wine. Depending on where you want the fire to go in your space, you’ll be able to narrow in on the size and style options. Choosing a fire feature is easier once you know how you’d like to use and incorporate it in your space.


Design your Fire Feature

If you’re wanting something completely unique, consider designing your own fire pits to complement your style. What does your outdoor environment look like? Is it a gathering space for friends and family? Does your business attract customers at night wanting to enjoy the fresh air with a glass of wine or cup of coffee? Contact American Gas Lamp to chat about your fire feature design options. 


How to Install Your Fire Feature

Fire bowls and tables, tikis torches, table inserts, and fire and water bows require a professional to install. We recommend you reach out to a professional installer such as a plumber or general contractor prior to ordering and verify what is possible for your project. If you still have questions, schedule a call with our design team, and we can conference with all parties needed.


Fuel Sources

There are two primary options when it comes to fielding your fire feature:


  1. Propane: Quick and easy to light. Can come in as a direct line or in a self-contained tank.
  2. Natural Gas: The cleanest burning option and easy to light. Must be installed as a direct line.


Download our Fire Bowl & Table Brochure

Download our Fire Bowl & Table Brochure to view all styles and customization options or start shopping for your fire feature today.

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