Gray Rectangle Bowl
Gray Rectangle Bowl

The Sierra Bowl with Pedestal


Elevate your outdoor space with the Sierra Bowl. This fire bowl with pedestal is not just a heating element but a statement piece, bringing a luxurious warmth to any outdoor setting. Compatible with both natural gas and liquid propane, The Sierra Fire Bowl with Pedestal offers flexibility to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

With its grand 30-inch diameter, The Sierra Fire Bowl with Pedestal is more than just a fire bowl. It’s a central masterpiece that draws eyes and gathers people, making every outdoor moment unforgettable. This piece is for those who seek to blend elegance with a touch of nature’s raw beauty, creating an inviting and sophisticated outdoor oasis.

Customize your Sierra Bowl to match the spirit of your outdoor space. Choose from options like lava rock, lava stone, or fire glass to enhance the visual spectacle of your flames. With a variety of available finishes, your fire bowl pedestal will harmonize beautifully with any outdoor decor, reflecting your unique taste and style.

The Sierra Fire Bowl with Pedestal invites you to transform your outdoor space into a haven of luxury and comfort. It perfectly balances aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, offering a sophisticated touch that elevates any gathering. With The Sierra Bowl, experience the pinnacle of outdoor elegance.

The Sierra Fire Bowl with Pedestal is constructed from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and available:

  • For use with natural gas or liquid propane
  • In one size (30″ OD)
  • With lava rock, lava stone or fire glass; upcharges apply
  • In a variety of finishes
  • Starts at $3,470.00

All bowl kits include pan, burner, AWEIS and safety backup valve. 

See our Fire Bowls and Table brochure or call 724-274-7131 for more information!