The Everest Bowl
The Everest Bowl

The Everest Bowl

FB105; FW105

Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring majesty of its namesake, the Everest Bowl epitomizes the pinnacle of outdoor design and functionality. This natural gas or propane fire bowl column, masterfully crafted by American Gas Lamp Works, is engineered to accommodate a wide array of outdoor environments, from intimate backyard gatherings to the grandeur of upscale resort terraces.

At a commanding size of 24 inches in diameter, The Everest Bowl offers light and warmth and serves as a focal point of design and conversation. Its ability to function as a propane fire bowl column allows for easy integration into a variety of outdoor environments, from serene backyard patios to the lively ambiances of high-end resorts, without the need for complex installation procedures.

The Everest Bowl offers a selection of customizations. Choices of lava rock, lava stone, or fire glass allow for personalization at the heart of the bowl, each element enhancing the visual allure of the flames. The unique option to include a water feature transforms The Everest Bowl from a simple fire column into an exquisite fire-water bowl.

Available in various finishes, it integrates seamlessly with any outdoor décor theme, asserting itself as the focal point of social gatherings.

The Everest Fire Bowl and Fire-Water Bowl are constructed from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and available:

  • For use with natural gas or liquid propane
  • With or without water feature
  • In one size (24″ OD)
  • With lava rock, lava stone or fire glass; upcharges apply
  • In a variety of finishes
  • Starts at $4,420.00

All bowl kits include pan, burner, AWEIS and safety backup valve. 

See our Fire Bowls and Table brochure or call 724-274-7131 for more information!