Want Gas Lamps, but Don’t Know Where to Start?

want gas lamps but don't know where to start?

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Installation & Design Questions To Ask Before Starting a Gas Lamp Project

The most common questions that we’re asked at American Gas Lamp Works typically concern installation:

  • Who can install my fixture?
  • What are the requirements?
  • Is there any additional or accompanying equipment needed?

When starting a project, most of our clients love the look and feel of the flame but aren’t too familiar with the products, so this is common and expected!

We recommend coordinating installation of your gas lamp with trained professional personnel. The gifted tradesmen most qualified for these types of jobs are plumbers, gas specialists, and HVAC technicians. Local reference for these professions can typically be found at your local gas appliance retailer, or you can reach out to us and we’ll do our best to recommend a local installer for you.

This isn’t to say that others can’t install gas lamps, and with our instruction and guidance, we can help most building professionals successfully install your handcrafted beauties.

For quick and handy information on getting started and finding a local gas specialist, please watch our video below:


When starting an outdoor lighting or patio heating project, it’s important for us to understand your current project landscape versus your end goal. This way, we can help design a series of steps that will help you get to your desired finish line!

Here are a few questions we may ask you and you can prepare answers for when reaching out to us:

Is this new construction, renovation, or an upgrade?

Knowing this will assist us in determining the type of service you’ll need, from general contracting down through electrical work, gas specialization, or plumbing.

What current infrastructure does the project site have?

Access to electricity, natural gas, or propane? Knowing what utilities you have access to will allow us to recommend compatible products and the most qualified tradesmen for installation.

What are the current and/or future construction materials you have to work with?

Make sure you have a full list of materials before you start.

Where are the installation points and what is the scale of your project?

From the space on-site to the clearances above, around, and below your desired installation points, having specific dimensions available from the beginning will allow us to appropriately recommend the right size fixtures and spacing for your project.

What is the style you’re going for?

Do you have a specific design in mind? Actual and inspirational photos will help us to recommend the perfect piece for your project!

Looking for Personalized Help with Your Project?

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact our team, and meet Sarah, our terrific Sales Manager, who will be available to support you through the sales and installation process.

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