The State Street Copper Lamp
The State Street Copper LampThe State Street Copper LampThe State Street Copper LampThe State Street Copper Lamp

The State Street

Item #s SSA1, SSA2, SSA3

Embodying strength and style, State Street fixtures add the right touch class and sophistication as the grand finale of any space. Elevate your ambiance to the next level with the finishing touch of a State Street lantern, built to last and designed to make a statement.

  • Natural copper construction, additional finish options available
  • UL certified
  • Available in three sizes: residential (SSA1), mid-size (SSA2) and estate (SSA3)
  • Available in post, pier, wall and hanging mount configurations
  • Available for use with natural gas, propane, or electric
    • Gas models available with electronic ignition
  • Tempered glass included; additional glass options available
  • Priced from $885.00, call 724-274-7131 x140 for final price


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