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The Gothic

Item #2900

Our Gothic Lamp evokes the power and elegance of Europe’s great cathedrals and guild halls, combining uncompromising craftsmanship with inspiring design. Standing over 23 inches tall, our Gothic Lamp can add drama to any setting, especially when complemented with beveled glass panes. Gothic outdoor lighting can give a medieval accent to any home or outdoor space. Give your home an old-fashioned and aged look that can only be created with Gothic style lamp lighting.

  • 6 sided, sand cast aluminum
  • Certified valve
  • Tempered glass included; additional glass options available
  • Cast Acorn finial with guard included; decorative finials available
  • Available in all finishes; gas or electric illumination
  • Priced from $549.00, customize for final price

Installation Options

Gothic Lamp
  • Post
  • Wall
  • Pier
  • Post: 13.5"W x 23.25"H
  • Wall: 13.5"W x 25.5"H x 20.5"D
  • Pier: 13.5"W x 23"H
Installation Instructions


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Charcoal finish


Noble Bronze

Noble Bronze

Nouveu Silver

Nouveau Silver


Timeless Black

weather green

Weather Green

White finish