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Gas Torches for Pool and Patio

Planning Ahead: Including Gas Torches in Your Outdoor Living Space Development Plan

Maui torches by pool retouched

When choosing to install fire features around your outdoor living spaces, it’s best for you and your contractor to lay out all utilities well in advance. One major consideration is to provide adequate gas pressure to your fixtures. Safety is another important factor to consider when deciding where to install your gas torches or open flame gas lamps. For instance, we recommend our torches be mounted on 8’ aluminum posts, to be buried 2’ into the ground, positioning the torches safely above average head height.

In addition to post-mounting, another creative way to install open flame gas torches is to pier-mount them on pillars as enhancements to an outdoor entertainment or kitchen space. Our Maui and Tulip torches can be pier-mounted using our Small Six-Sided Pier Mount. The robust flames of our gas torches will bring your space to life and are sure to impress. And by choosing from one of our 16 powder coat finish options, coordinating our products with your outdoor furniture and accessories is simple and fun.

If you or your contractor have any questions about the installation or requirements for our gas products, please feel free to contact us directly or visit our Product Support page for Installation Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions, Maintenance Recommendations, and more.

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