Spotlighting Gas Lamps in London

london gas lamp lamplighter image
For over 200 years, America’s most exclusive and exceptional homes and public spaces have been illuminated with gas lighting. To acknowledge the history of gas lamps in our nation – from Houston to Charleston to Boston – as well as internationally, we’d like to begin to share with you articles and information highlighting the use of gas fixtures around the world. This particular article, “Lamplighters Keep London’s 1,500 Historic Gas Lamps Burning,” spotlights gas lamps in England, both old and new. As you’ll read, London’s 1,500 gas lamps lend a magical quality to the streets around Buckingham Palace and throughout Westminster. By employing modern technologies, such as timers, daylight sensors, and electronic ignition, traditional gas lamps can now deliver centuries-old charm with remarkable economy and efficiency. London’s glowing gas lamps and lamplighters are once again celebrated in, “The Most Magical Job in Britain:  Enchanting Story of our Last Gas Street Lights and the Five Men Who Keep Them Burning.” This article describes the uncontested beauty of gas lighting and the historic charm they continue to bring to streets in Britain and around the world. Please visit the full article links to learn more about the long-standing tradition of gas lighting and its continued popularity around the globe.

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